WWOOF Italy: Journal Entry 3

The third journal entry, here is the second

It is the Monday after Easter. Yesterday was cold, damp, and a cloud was covering the valley. The weather wasn’t great, so we decided to go into town and go to a famous Roman Mosaic area. It is basically the top destination for tourist in Piazza Armerina. The city is exactly what you think Sicily should look like. It stands on a hill and the buildings are stacked on top of each other with tons of laundry lines that were holding wet clothes.

Vitto had worked the tourist area at the Mosaics for 10 years a few years back. More recently, the city invested seven million “bullshit” euros into the visitor area. However, as Sicily does, the city did an awful job and everyone who was working a booth was constantly complaining because they cut down the trees, got rid of the shade, and covered the place with gravel that walkers and wind kick up. He told me, back in his day, he had the best spot and someone ended up buying his place due to its location. The shops mostly sold knickknacks, but there were some leather goods and fresh juices as well.

It was ten euro to get into the Mosaic, but Vitto was able to enter for free because he is a total boss. Everyone knows and loves him. He served as a personal tour guide and we navigated through an amazing ancient structure that had truly been maintained. The place is basically a bath house with beautiful textile mosaics covering the floor. There were a ton of European tourist and each group seemed to have been grouped by a different language.

The mosaic art told stories, the most interesting were the ones that portrayed people trying to capture and return African wild animals. They were then taken on boats to Rome for entertainment, gladiator style.

We went to the cafe and had an espresso on the house that Vitto procured. He said the owner was, well not completely clean, but not like TOTAL mafia.

We tried to stay busy when the weather was inclement, mainly cleaning, walking the dog, planting transplants, pulling weeds, reading, and napping. Vitto made some artichoke and rice and it was amazing.

At this point, I’m only eating organic local veggies that I love. However, although I wasn’t bored, I needed some exercise. I could feel it in my mind. Vitto snores, so I usually fall asleep, wake up at 2 am to pee, and then listen to “My Dad Wrote a Porno” until fall I back into slumber. Usually, I’m able to get my endorphin fix by taking Nero on two hour walks.