Life Goals

If I get to $2,000 a month in dividends, I think I can do anything I want. I was laid off when I was 26 and decided to sell everything and move to New York City to be a musician. I lived there ultra happily on $2,000 a month. If I can live in Greenpoint for that much, I can live anywhere for that much.

Some stocks pay cash dividends. Like in your Bank of America account, they will put cash in your account if you own their stock. This doesn’t have to happen in a 401k. I do this in my personal investing account and it is all I like to buy right now. Some pay yearly, quarterly, and recently some started paying monthly. I have been buying various monthly dividend stocks to reach this $2,000 a month goal.

I love buying income and that is what this is. It is income. Money in the bank.

Some people want an $8 beer, I want $8 in a dividend paying stock. In a month, that $8.00 is gonna pay me $0.05 and your beer is going to be gone. Then you say “you are going to hate your life! All you got was 5 cents? I rather just have a beer blah blah.” First off, I am NOT telling you to do this. I would actually recommend to NOT do this. I’m totally obsessed with this stuff. You should have a dog and a family, don’t get addicted to small amounts of money like I am. I get being addicted to big money like the billionaires are, buy what I do is border line petty. It takes years of consistent investing and sacrifice. The thing is, I don’t want or need a billion dollars… I need like a million. Which is a lot, but come on - I can get to that if I work hard and the stock market does what is has done for the past 100 years. It is a slow and steady process and you can find that process here.


The purpose of this blog is to prove to myself that I’m good at investing in the stock market. This is something I study and think about far too much to not have any sort of metric for success besides percentages. I know I’ve made money in the stock market, but that is such a lame way to pursue a hobby. I don’t care about the money… I just want to know if I actually do know something everyone else doesn’t with my education level, experience, and addiction to it.

It has become my side hustle. I read articles maybe 4 hours a day and I have never seen anyone discuss what I have been doing the last three years and I’m starting to wonder if it should be implemented more. This is my goal: I want $2,000 of cash per month from my portfolio. Then I’d probably quit working for money and instead: enjoyment.

The difference would be something like this: Right now, I work a traditional corporate job that I enjoy, the people are great, the work is interesting, and the benefits are in a high bracket in my opinion.

Is it my passion? No.

Do I want to go every day? Nope.

Do you have enough work to make you happy? No.

Is this worth your life? I don’t know.

Today it doesn’t feel like it, but in 5 years I may be much better off from a work experience and finance standpoint that I will be very happy I put in the time now climbing the corporate ladder. There are a lot of happy people in corporate America. There isn’t a 0% chance that you will hate your life like the media suggests sometimes. The media, sorry, that sounds sort of political. I’m also throwing in my friends on social media when I say “in the the media.” I’m not saying I should be doing exactly what I want right now and that every second needs to be blissfully pursing some sort of passion, but I’m bored at my job and I don’t really need the money because of the way I invest.

This is where our personalities may deviate. Investing is my side hustle so it reaps benefits. I could also put 4 hours a day and thousands of dollars a year into my music or woodwork, but I do this instead. That is rule one of this blog, we are not all the same in the financial investing world, but I think a lot of us can relate on the whole working in corporate America, single, good family life, good friends, “living my best life,” pretty good career, and honestly nothing spectacular going on except trying to stay alive and be happy…world.

I know you exist so get off your feet. We can’t all be $100,000 in student loan debt and $50,000 in credit card debt. My entire circle for 10 years has been people who worked hard in high school, got into college, took loans, got a job, and paid them off. Hundreds of people. This blog is for you. I just think we should talk about money a little bit more.