GAIN: The Life of 635 Shares

This article lays out exactly what happened to 635 shares of GAIN I purchased on 4/5/2017 for $9 and sold on 2/11/2019 for $12. The transactions, dates, and amounts are real and exact. The goal is to show a real life example of investing in monthly dividend stocks. The proceeds from this transaction were reinvested here.


Purchased 635 shares of GAIN at $9 for $5,715.00

4/6/2017 thru 2/11/2019


The 635 shares paid me $1,116.148 in dividend income throughout their lifetime

The 635 shares bought me 65.68 shares of GAIN throughout their lifetime

The $5,715 initially invested appreciated $1,905 to $7,620

(key is below table)



Shares Owned: How many shares owned at any point of time that are associated with the initial investment. This number increases on months where the DRIP was engaged

Settlement Date: Date the dividend was paid

DIV: cash amount paid per share

Dividend Payment: Shares Owned x DIV, or the cash amount paid in association with the original 635 shares, including shares purchased by the DRIP

Settlement Amount: The per share amount the DRIP settled at. This is automatically determined

Shares DRIPed: Dividend Payment / Settlement Amount, or shares acquired in association with the 635 shares

Cash Flow: Cash amount invested not in association with 635 shares

Note: I toggled the Dividend Reinvestment Program on and off throughout this period. When the 635 shares bought more shares, I added those shares to the next month’s payment