July 9, 2019: Investing in LTC, DRIP from GAIN, PFLT, APLE

Dividend Portfolio

Explanation of Tables here



LTC has been on an amazing bull run since I first started purchasing it in January of 2019 at $40.52. I’m up 3.58% on $12,694.02 invested and have been paid $175.44 so far this year by owning the stock. This has bought me 3.8629 additional shares that account for $0.73 per month.

It is interesting that LTC is basically the only monthly paying dividend stock I own that is appreciating. I believe it is because the market loves the senior living sector. It doesn’t take too much market research to be bullish on aging since it is common sense that the Baby Boomers are going to age. Senior Living is my way of profiting from all that money they have sat on for thirty years. If they can’t buy their kid’s love, then they will sell their inheritance to country club style senior living communities. LTC will be there to benefit from the influx of tenants. This is a long long long long-term hold.

Below are my APLE, PFLT, and GAIN tables. My plan for these is to continue to let them DRIP and hopefully appreciate. Once I make 15% in appreciation, I will sell off the capital gains and diversify the funds.