February 5, 2019: PFLT

Dividend Portfolio

In my personal investing account, PFLT paid their February dividend. I received $188.21. I used the Dividend Reinvestment Program, or DRIP, to automatically purchase $188.21 shares worth of PFLT. This came to 14.5 shares at $12.98.

Monthly Update for January 2, 2019

By owning shares of PFLT in January, my shares bought me $1.38 per month and 14.5 shares.

Since my last PFLT investment on January 2, 2019, the stock increased from $11.768 to $12.98, or 10%.

By reinvesting the dividends, my monthly payout has increased from $186.70 to $188.21, or 0.81%

PFLT’s dividend yield is at 8.76%. My goal is to average over 7%, so I will continue to DRIP this stock until it moves to around $16.25, or a 7% yield. Having said that, I would probably sell off quite a bit at that price because that is a huge valuation for this stock.

Lastly, PFLT has not declared their dividend at this point, but my next dividend should be $189.59 on 3/5/2019. In January, I estimated this payment to be $189.72. I was over 13 cents mainly due to the rather unreasonable 10% increase in stock price over a month’s time. For April 2019, I am estimating a payment of $190.96.