February 13, 2019: AGNC

Dividend Portfolio

In my personal investing account., AGNC paid their February dividend. I received $118.51. I used the Dividend Reinvestment Program, or DRIP, function to automatically purchase $118.51 shares worth of AGNC. This came to 6.6579 shares at $17.80 for $118.51.

Monthly Update for January 11, 2019

By owning shares of AGNC in January, my shares bought me $1.20 of dividends per month and 6.6579 shares. This table represents how my monthly payment has been impacted by using the DRIP:


AGNC is receiving a lot of buzz in the news, probably because of its ridiculous dividend payment. This is by far the riskiest dividend stock I purchase, but I’m pairing buying it with LTC, which I believe is the least risky stock I purchase. One thing I love about this stock is that the price is staying around the same spot. AGNC, for better or for worse, wasn’t greatly impacted by the volatility starting in December of 2018. I’m hoping this stock will benefit from rate increases enough to stay around $18.00 while I increase my ownership.